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Find a Mobile Stage Rental close to where you need it! Our network of over 100 NATIONWIDE Mobile Stages are ready to roll when you say GO!
We carry portable stages and conventional stages, LARGE or SMALL.



The highest quality mobile stages, ready to make your event easier - Whether it be a band at a local fair or an A-list artist performing in the middle of a crowded city street. stage rental mobile stage rentals concert stage.



Looking to buy a stage instead of renting? We can help! Our stages are of the highest quality and can make any event memorable.



Are you looking to buy a stage, but the prices are too steep? Don't worry, just look to buy our certified used mobile stages. Guaranteed safety, guaranteed quality.




We design, manufacture and rent the highest quality mobile stages. With over 15 years of experience with outdoor events, we're confident you're expectations will be exceeded.

  • S Stage

    S Stage

    Mobile Stage - 14' x 12'

    The perfect stage for small street festivals, small entertainment areas, DJs and more. It's the smallest mobile stage available for rental in North America.
    1  +  15 mins
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  • L Stage

    Mobile Stage - 22' x 20'

    One of the most requested stages in our worldwide network; it is perfect for street festivals, rock bands, DJs, Live Broadcast booths and more.
    1  +  25 mins
    More Details Here

  • XL Stage

    Mobile Stage - 26' x 20'

    The most requested stage in our US network and is perfect for street festivals, rock bands, DJs, live broadcast booths, concerts, tours and more.
    1  +  35 mins
    More Details Here

  • XLR Stage

    Mobile Stage - 30' x 20'

    This distinct curved-roof stage makes a great impression with sponsors and is perfect for that unique look your event.
    1  +  40 mins
    More Details Here

  • Stageline SL-100

    Mobile Stage - 26' x 20'

    This ultra fast and easy product has a total rigging capacity of 11,800 lb (5,351 kg). Permanently mounted side rigging trusses with a 1,500 lb (680 kg) capacity per side, the truss deploys in seconds.
    2  +  30 mins
    More Details Here

  • Stageline SL-320

    Mobile Stage - 46' x 40'

    Rated fastest 40’ mobile stage in the industry, the SL320 is a fast workhorse to admire, with safety and reliability to count on.
    4  +  2:30
    More Details Here

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Event Marketing, Lighting & Audio, LED Video, Live Broadcasting, Training, Maintenance & more. Our team is second to none.

  • Live Broadcasting

    Create an international event from literally anywhere

    Our mobile units can be used as live broadcast areas for Sporting Events, Parades, TV Specials and more.
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  • Lighting & Audio

    Never worry again about the quality of your sound and lighting

    Each stage comes with plenty of room your setups to rest safely while you travel to gigs. Hire the professionals you need ahead of time from our network of well-tested industry experts.
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  • LED Video

    Immerse your audience

    LED video screens add a level of polish to any event that can't be rivaled. Set your event apart from the competition.
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  • Event Marketing

    A marketing agency's dream come true

    We can provide a one stop source for all your event marketing needs including Concert Audio, Lighting, Video, VIP Tents, Destination Management, Signage Creation and Care.
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Our Amazing Team

Our Mobile Stage organization was put together by a few leaders of the Mobile Events & Staging Industry who have a tremendous amount of experience in Touring, Multi-Day Festivals, Live Broadcast and One-Off Events.

Mike Laino


Mike graduated from LaSalle Military Academy with honors and always had the entrepreneurial spirit within him. The best ways to describe Mike is creative, fun, and inspirational.

Pasquale Laino


“In Pat, We Trust” is the office mantra. Leading the finance department is Pasquale Laino Sr. who has been involved in the business from Artist Entertainment to Construction and Real Estate. He is a true numbers guy at heart and loves to spend time with his grandchildren and family.

Ralph Laino

Warehouse Manager

Ralph likes to be on time and ahead of time every time. His responsibilities include running the warehouse and making sure things arrive at the job clean and ready to work. After regular work hours, Ralph can be found fishing on his boat.

Adriana Laino

Sales Director/ Project Manager

The Rock Star of the company, Adriana is the “Boss Lady”. She actually knows how to move mountains and will do whatever it takes to make things happen. Adriana enjoys being pampered and appreciated and can be found hanging out at music festivals all over the country.

Pasquale Laino III

Transporter / Event Manager

The long-haul pro! Pasquale is one of our top transporters and event managers and has been the number one go-to guy for the HOT ROD Power Tour event for many years now. He can fit a mobile stage into almost any spot within one shot. You can find Pasquale playing video games and attending electronic music festivals all over the place with his sister Adriana.

Tommy Perniciaro

Sales Manager

Tommy is a top-notch event producer that got his start very young in the event production industry. His networking skills have allowed him to develop a great group of clients and trustworthy industry associates who believe in him. In his spare time, Tommy can be found cleaning his classic car, smoking a premium cigar, or enjoying a quality glass of wine. When it comes to events you want Tommy on your team.

David Serling

Transporter / Event Manager

We call David our all-around guy because he can drive long distances and set up equipment, manage events, fabricate and build our trailers, all while keeping a cool "make it happen" positive attitude. In his limited spare time, you can find David tinkering around on his vehicles, boating, and fishing.

Antonio Soriano

Transporter / Event Manager

Tony is our Superman of the company because he is made of steel or at least we think so. When Tony is on the job whether it's as an event manager, crew manager, driver, or setup lead, he always gives 100% to the event and client while representing his skills with an unparalleled passion for the job. On his off time, you can find him entertaining his four great kids and wife.

Eddie Serling


Eddie is one of the most requested drivers on our team who truly cares about the events and clients. He constantly goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy on and off the job. We get the most calls at the office about how wonderful Eddie is and we are most proud to have him on our staff.

Amanda Ramirez

Event Production/ Project Manager

Amanda is a very articulate, organized, and ahead of schedule type of person. She is our go-to event manager for large scale parades, festivals, media events, and marketing activation. When on the job, Amanda will make sure all of the details are attended to. As a side hustle, Amanda enjoys selling imported wines and building her network of restaurants and establishments who carry her products.

Mike O'Reilly

Media Manager

Mike is the heart and soul of our creative media and printing department. From making our websites and videos to making sure things that go to prints are quality ready. He spends most of his time at the office staring at several monitors at one time and absolutely loves his position with our organization. Mike enjoys animating creative video/photography, and underground hip-hop.

Jack Ortega

Fabricator / Print Operator

Jack runs the Vinyl Works Print Shop and has an amazing talent for art fabrication for events. From running CNC machines for 3D art to handling large format prints. His experience and make it happen tight deadline capabilities have allowed us to build and keep quality clients and events for many years. On his off time, he loves fishing or BBQ’ing with the family as he is a true family man.

George Pavey

Lead Metal Fabricator

George is our lead metal fabricator who runs our trailer manufacturing company and can literally fix or build anything we or our clients dream of for events. A true mechanic at heart who is into classic Hot Rods. He can be found working on his 1932 Custom Ford, and is constantly saying “Let's build something!”

Bob Smith

Metal Fabricator

Bob works in our metal fabrication department constantly cutting metal, making parts, assembling trailers, and repairing odds and ends. His positive attitude makes dealing with him on projects a breeze. Bob enjoys being around our industry because you never know what we can be creating and building next.

Andre Green

Warehouse Manager

Andre is the muscle behind the warehouse who works directly with Ralph and helps to manage our warehouse equipment and staff. He is always cool; super cool, remains clear-headed, and will always go the extra mile for the goal at hand. Whatever it takes is the only thing he knows because it's in his DNA. On his off time, you can find Dre pumping iron and focusing on his fitness.

Elisha Young

Audio Engineer

Eli leads our audio team with a passion for live music events as well as recording. Ready, organized, positive, kind, considerate, and a real people person are just a few ways to describe Eli. When Eli is not working he is helping local Churches, recording in his own studio, and building his singing artist talents.

Angel Perez

Lighting & Visual Technician

Angel runs the lighting and video department and is literally a blessing to work with on and off events. Angel has extensive experience in large scale arena concerts, high-end social events, and live broadcasts. When Angel is not on the job he can be found off-roading in his custom Jeep or playing with his adorable young son.

Jason Sierra

Event Manager

Jason is one of the original hires way back when Mike our leader had hair. Jason is an all-around production professional who handles the Today Show Concerts for us in NYC along with the Local 1 Team. When Jason has off time which is rare he likes to fine dine and travel.


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I have used Mobile Stage Network mobile stages for over 5 years. They are the most professional company I have worked with thus far.
- S. Goldberg / NBC – New York City

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